April 30, 2017
To refer to Yank Barry as a successful businessman and musician requires one to leave out all but a small part of his unique story. He started in the music industry at a young age and he spent about 30 years as something of a jack-of-all-trades. Not only could he sing and write songs, he racked up credits as an arranger, producer and publisher, as well. He was not only the lead singer of the Footprints, who had a big hit with "Never Say Die," but he also was the lead singer for the touring band of The Kingsmen, one of the most iconic rock and roll bands in history, and who were responsible for the most-covered song in history, "Louie Louie." Yank Barry also was responsible for many commercial jingles, including some for the most popular brands of all time.

Following his lucrative and prolific music career, he became a successful food entrepreneur and executive with Vitapro, makers of a dehydrated soy-based meat-replacement product. It was as he was traveling the world for business that Yank noticed conditions that changed everything for him; people in many places were living in the harshest possible conditions and he wanted to change that. And he did.

For example, since creating his global hunger initiative, Global Village Champions Foundation way back in 1995, Yank Barry has helped millions of people enjoy a healthy, nutritious meal. To date, that initiative, with the help of numerous friends and philanthropic partners like the late Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Buzz Aldrin, Evander Holyfield and Gary U.S. Bonds, among many others, has served up well over a billion meals so far.
January 30, 2017
During a tumultuous time for Syrians, during the country’s great civil war and refugee crisis, musician and businessman Yank Barry has been engrossed in the tragic events, heavily helping its fleeing residents. In recent years, Barry -- alongside his organization Global Village Champions Foundation -- has saved more than 1,200 individuals from refugee camps around Bulgaria and surrounding cities, providing them with more than medical assistance, meals and even education; Barry has provided these many Syrian refugees with hope previously lost and the ability for a fresh start. Yank Barry's work continues in other countries as well, but has helped immensely in this war-torn land.